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META Solutions strives to increase support for core services, offer new instructional and purchasing options, augment our technology infrastructure, and enhance our overall ability to serve school districts and public organizations across the state of Ohio. We believe in a fair and competitive marketplace where customer choice isn't limited by geography.

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META offers many EMIS service options for ease of state reporting.

EMIS, ODE, core, Education Management Information System

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) established the Education Management Information System (EMIS) in 1989 to serve as the statewide collection system for Ohio’s education. EMIS has four primary functions: 1) state and federal reporting, 2) funding and distribution of payments, 3) academic accountability system and 4) generation of statewide and district reports.

As part of our core service offerings, META provides our members with the knowledge, tools and expertise they need to report accurate and timely EMIS data to ODE and the Office of Civil Rights. Our EMIS core services include:

  • Helpdesk: Our Web Helpdesk ticketing system is available 24/7 for any questions that arise!
  • Training & Communication:
    • Workshops: These informative training sessions are open to all member district staff and are scheduled by META.
    • Workdays: More personalized than workshops, workdays are informative coaching sessions in which member district EMIS staff are able to get hands-on support from META’s team.
    • Standing Meetings: These events are targeted to help members prepare, validate and report data to EMIS. Attendees receive step sheets and other relevant documentation created by META.
    • Updates: META provides relevant and timely updates regarding EMIS reporting. Updates are provided on a regular basis via an established mailing list.  
  • Report Creation: META creates customized reports based on our members' needs. Member-specific customizations can be secured through META’s EMIS Extended Support. 
  • Monitor Required Reporting: META continuously monitors EMIS reporting requirements in order to keep members informed and compliant.   

META is a service provider offering Category 1 and 2 services under the USAC E-rate Program’s guidelines.

e-rate, USAC guidelines, category 1 and category 2, data transmission, internet, access, voice services, internal connections, broadband service

META is a service provider under the guidelines of USAC’s E-rate Program. We offer Category 1 and Category 2 services as outlined in the program. These are broad in nature and include data transmission services and internet access, voice services, internal connections, internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections. META offers competitive rates based on USAC guidelines.

META's Food Program has some of the lowest pricing in the state of Ohio due to the collective buying power of nearly one million students!

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META's Food Program has some of the lowest pricing in the state of Ohio due to the collective buying power of nearly one million students!

As part of purchasing cooperative, food products have been competitively bid out and awarded to vendors. This program provides our members with discounted pricing on all commercial food items, as well as paper and plastic goods, small wares and chemicals. 

Become a META purchasing member today and receive these exclusive savings!

2016-2017 Food Service Pricing Awards
This year’s food bids were coordinated by META Solutions and EPC. The bids represent one million Ohio students and are shared by four cooperatives: META Purchasing Cooperative, Southwestern Ohio EPC, OMERESA and Stark County Cooperative.

Check out META's Food Services News Page for additional information.

About the META Purchasing Cooperative:
META Solutions' Purchasing Cooperative analyzes costs, negotiates with vendors, and makes recommendations for products and services that have been submitted for competitive bidding. Our number one goal is to save schools time and money, and we do so by effectively providing an online marketplace of quality goods and services at substantially lower prices.

In addition, META purchasing members are able to leverage the collective buying power of a consortium of schools serving more than 450,000 students across the state of Ohio. All members have equal standing for their purchases, regardless of size.

META’s Purchasing Cooperative has provided millions of dollars in cost savings, and has significantly increased work efficiency in our districts. We are a one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs, providing high quality products at special rates so that schools can focus on what matters most – educating students!

META’s Utility Auditing Program has saved Ohio schools millions of dollars on their energy budgets!

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Utility auditing and energy reporting provides districts with the assurance that their utility bills are correct, rates are favorable, and that there are no building inefficiencies.

As part of this program, META creates a historical database of consumption and cost for electric, natural gas and water. We then search for errors and overcharges.

With 23 years of experience, our Energy Department has a proven procedure for verifying the billing accuracy and securing the proper utility rate via a utility cost recovery system. The procedure includes:
- Finding billing errors and recovering overcharges
- Changing utility rates when applicable
- Communicating abnormal energy use on a monthly basis
- Recommending deregulated electric and natural gas suppliers
- Verifying deregulated electric and natural gas savings

In an effort to achieve the goal of Energy Star (National Efficiency Standards), this program also provides an annual utility report to review how your buildings performed compared to prior years, and compared to similar buildings within other districts.

Let META manage all of your server needs… from hosting to backup, recovery and more!

META offers cloud server hosting that allows districts to store all materials in the cloud. This provides easy access to users no matter their location.

META builds, manages and licenses the appropriate Windows and Linux server, and provides off-site backup and recovery for all non-critical business data. META also provides co-location services that offer physical rack space in our datacenter.

Three ways to shop.

(Full Membership)

An Owner is a city, county, exempted village, local, joint vocational, or cooperative education school district or education service center. 

Owners receive special discounted rates on many services and products, including free access to the META Purchasing Cooperative! META also customizes services as needed for our Owner districts. 

For more information on becoming an owner, click here.

(Associate Membership)

A Member is a school district that does not meet the definition of Owner, such as a community school, charter school, parochial school or any other educationally related entity. Please note that these districts are not eligible for Ownership.

Members receive special discounted rates on many services and products! META also customizes services as needed for our Member districts.

For more information on becoming a member, click here.

A la carte

Not ready for membership or ownership, but still interested in META Solutions' services? No problem! We offer numerous services that can be purchased individually and customized for your district!