Help your staff take steps today to prepare for tomorrow.

With a focus on best practices, classroom instruction and technology integration, our experienced professional development staff is prepared to help you plan and execute classroom, one-on-one, whole school and district-wide professional development initiatives.

We are committed to designing and delivering professional development that meets your needs and ensures your success.

C4 Model

META has developed a next-generation model for professional development that provides an engaging and personalized learning experience for today’s educators. 

  • Concert
  • Coaching
  • Connected
  • Collaborative

The real power of these components is when they are implemented into a blended delivery system of professional development. Each component has its strengths, and can do certain aspects efficiently and effectively; however, no one delivery component can address all of your workforce development needs. When all of the components are used together to meet instructional, personal and organizational needs, professional growth skyrockets.

A blended learning model for all.

Large group presentations are used for delivery of information or instruction that every participant must have. The concept that not everyone needs the same thing at the same time is critical to the success of a blended PD environment. However, there are times when people need the over-arching concept, the big picture, or when there is an engaging expert that will inspire a large group. All concerts should be high-energy, engaging and inspiring. If you are going to take their time... make it rock!

Coaching pairs each teacher with a PD Specialist who provides one-on-one assistance with new concepts. This also gives educators the opportunity to try new concepts and strategies with support in their actual work environment. Time with an expert also allows for extra assistance with new technologies.

Technology has completely changed how we live, and professional development should be no different. These new tools include online instruction, professional learning communities, blogs, social networks, remote collaboration, videos and games...and the list goes on and on. We must leverage these assets in our workforce development if we expect people to learn how these tools can change their work.

Collaborative time gives individuals the opportunity to discover and expand their own learning. This also helps your organization develop capacity for applying and expanding these strategies, concepts and ideas.

Customized learning solutions to empower you.

Roll-out new initiatives faster and with more success when you pair your educators with experienced META PD consultants!

Itching to try new teaching techniques in the classroom but need assistance? Want to integrate new technologies into your curriculum, but need support? META Solutions offers educational coaching that pairs a teacher with an experienced professional development consultant who provides one-on-one assistance. 

Coaching also offers districts the opportunity to sustain initiatives by providing educators with the help they need. Coaching has made a large impact on districts who have implemented new educational models and have rapidly expanded curricular initiatives that would have otherwise been impossible.

Note: Coaching will need to be purchased in packs of 10 days. 

META Solutions provides an engaging and personalized learning experience for today’s educators.

META Solutions has always operated with the belief that not all learners need the same thing at the same time. However, there are times when people need the over-arching concept, the big picture, or when there is an engaging expert that will inspire a group. We offer Professional Development Workshops for educators to do just that! 

Our Professional Development Workshops are delivered by experienced educators, and are designed to be high-energy, engaging and inspiring. Select from a variety of workshops, or allow us to design a custom workshop that fits your exact needs!

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Blended Learning Techniques
  • Project Based Learning
  • Learning Management Systems Selections
  • Learning Management Systems Implementation
  • Google Drive
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Time Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Open Education Resources
  • Curate and Share Content
  • Not “Sage on the Stage” but “Guide on the Side”
  • Data Management
  • Conducting Action Research to Improve Instruction

*Discounted bulk rates available. Please call for customized pricing.

Microsoft Excel provides the tools. We provide the training. It’s that simple.

excel training, microsoft

Are you currently using Microsoft Excel for your treasury, accounting, payroll or data management work? Perhaps you need a refresher course to brush up on your skills, or maybe you’ve been wanting to make the switch to Excel? Whatever your need, practical training can make a huge difference in the way you do business every day.

META’s Microsoft Excel training programs contain powerful tools to help you analyze, manage and share critical business data. These informative training sessions are guaranteed to increase your productivity.

The hands-on teaching method and relaxed environment makes learning easy, regardless of your skill level! Sign up today and receive Ashland University graduate credit for each workshop you complete.