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Core services are integral to the daily operations of your district. Whether you need all or one, META offers a variety of solutions to meet your district's needs. And it doesn't stop there. Each service area is backed with a team of experienced professionals that provide dedicated training and support to your staff members year-round, so they can focus on what matters most... the students.

Because one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer choices.

Core Categories

Student Information Systems (SIS)

META offers various SIS products and services to match your needs. We understand that each district's needs vary, and we provide options that can be customized for you. SIS products include Evolve, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool and ProgressBook. Additional enhancements and SIS support are also available. To find out which SIS is best for you, click here.

Library Services

With more than 75 years of collective experience in school library and technology services, META’s library services staff is extremely knowledgable in supporting student and teacher needs! We offer library software training workshops and together with INFOhio offer professional development on the most critical education trends.

EMIS Services

As part of our core service offerings, META provides our members with the knowledge, tools and expertise they need to report accurate and timely EMIS data to ODE and the Office of Civil Rights. EMIS core services include helpdesk, workshops, workdays, updates, report creation and monitored required reporting.


Connectivity plays an integral role in making sure all of your district operations are running smoothly. To find out how META Solutions can support your internet access and networking needs, check out our Technology Solutions.

Fiscal Services

META’s Fiscal Services Department consists of licensed Ohio Treasurers and staff with extensive experience in providing fiscal software support for school districts. Our team will work closely with your treasurer and staff to assist with local and state supported software needs, including USAS, USPS and EIS.

We have a proven process of analyzing district operations and providing quality options to meet your specific needs.

The META difference.

We understand that each district's needs are different. That's why we offer a variety of Student Information packages with additional add-ons and customizations available.

New to META Solutions? Not to worry. Our onboarding and implementation team will ensure that your transition to META is seamless. Your staff will be trained and ready to go in no time!

Each service area has a team of highly-trained professionals that are here to support you whenever questions arise via our 24/7 web helpdesk ticketing system.

Each service area offers a variety of regularly scheduled trainings including workshops, work days and standing meetings, along with timely updates and communications.

We're here to help you make your district's operations more effective and efficient. If we notice something that will improve your district's operations, you'll be the first to know!