COL - EMIS FY17 End of Year Student and Staff/Course Checklists Training

Join us for the review of the FY17 EMIS Checklists:

  • Traditional districts, JVSDs, ESCs Final Window (Period S)
  • Community & STEM Districts Final Window (Period S)
  • Staff and Course (Period L)
  • **Graduate (Period G)

The morning session will focus on the student data. Although there are separate checklists for Traditional/JVSD/ESC, and Community/STEM, we will go over them in combination.

The afternoon session will focus on the staff and course data. **If there is time, we will also cover the Graduate checklist. Many of the tasks in the Graduate checklist are done as part of the student checklist, and will be discussed in the morning. Once Graduate reporting opens, we will hold training for the ‘G’ checklist specifically.

Location META Solutions - Columbus
2100 Citygate Drive
Columbus, OH 43219
Date/Time Friday, April 28, 2017 at 9:00am - 3:30pm
Open to Owners and members only
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Sheryl Shaw

Naja Bailey