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Medicaid Billing Service

Each year districts lose out on thousands of dollars in Medicaid funding for services they already provided. META’s Medicaid Billing Service is designed to provide Ohio school districts with a comprehensive solution for preventing under-billing. META provides a user-friendly tool and superior personalized support to guide districts throughout the process while maximizing reimbursements. META has helped districts receive up to a 125% increase in their funding.

Features of META's Medicaid Billing Service include:

  • One-on-one support from experts that will work with your district to get you the maximum reimbursement
  • Start-up assistance and staff training for successful implementation of the program at each school
  • Onsite mid-year review and technical assistance
  • Data verification and technical assistance for EzEdMed Online Portal
  • Fiscal management for compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Monitoring the accuracy of the billing system, including compliance for data and documentation within federal and state regulations
  • Freedom and flexibility to reallocate reimbursed funds to other programs and services within the district