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On-Site Technician Services

Our tier 1 service is designed to help with basic “break/fix” services for desktops, laptops and printers, and our tier 2 service meets the needs of networking and server requirements. Each tier can be customized to meet your needs. Districts can choose a schedule of 1-5 days per week, a blend of each tier and/or have multiple technicians on-site.

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META is a service provider offering Category 1 and 2 services under the USAC E-rate Program’s guidelines.

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META is a service provider under the guidelines of USAC’s E-rate Program. We offer Category 1 and Category 2 services as outlined in the program. These are broad in nature and include data transmission services and internet access, voice services, internal connections, internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections. META offers competitive rates based on USAC guidelines.

Looking for an organized, cost-effective document storage and retrieval system? Get OnBase with META Solutions!

onbase, on base, enterprise content management system, ECM, document, management, imaging

OnBase is a fully integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that allows users to store, retrieve, route, manage, share and archive vital information from the volumes of paper documents stored in rooms and filing cabinets, all in a cost effective manner. This information is extremely critical to school district operations, audits and overall customer service.

META provides support and instructor training to create a resilient Cisco Academy Community!

cisco, networking, academy, instructor, training, center, ASC

Academy Support:
The role of our Academy Support Center (ASC) is to promote the sustainability and success of its aligned Cisco Member Academies. Our goal is to create a resilient Cisco Academy Community that shares information and ideas, enhances our members’ skill sets, and improves the education of Cisco Academy students. The ASC Alliance is a team of highly qualified individuals who are knowledgeable within all areas of academy operations. Cisco provides educational opportunities and ongoing communication to ensure that advisors provide top-level support.

Instructor Training:

META Solutions’ Instructor Training Center (ITC) offers initial training, and follows up with 12 months of technical support. Our center provides ongoing Instructor Professional Development (IPD). Each academy may choose any ITC to meet their training needs.

META builds customizable database and web-based applications to meet the needs of your district!

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META Solutions’ development team can build a custom database application and/or enhance or customize current web-based applications. We have extensive experience with HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Oracle APEX, Oracle, MySQL, LAMP and WAMP.