Solution Pricing

Full Membership

$600/day onsite; $75/hour remote

Associate Membership

$900/day onsite; $100/hour remote

PowerSchool SIS Extended Service

Our qualified staff offers onsite SIS support at your school buildings on designated service days. Service days are mutually agreed upon and scheduled by district and META staff in advance.

We also offer extended SIS assistance, which provides direct communication between META staff and district contacts. This option allows for additional district contacts to generate help-desk tickets in able to receive extended SIS-related support. 

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PowerSchool allows educators, administrators, parents and students to effectively manage school processes and data.

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PowerSchool plays a central role in K-12 education, serving as the hub of customers’ education ecosystems. It includes robust features and APIs that allow stakeholders to effectively manage school processes and student data and connect technologies relied upon in school offices and classrooms alike.

Easy-to-Use Administrator Tools:
PowerSchool provides the full range of features needed by administrators at the district and school level.

Powerful Teacher Tools and Resources:
PowerSchool includes a powerful gradebook and teacher tools that provide all the features teachers need in one place, making it easy to use and learn. All classes, rosters, student demographic information, grading periods, standards, rubrics and grade scales are automatically loaded into the gradebook. All data flows back to the central database in real time, providing all stakeholders, including parents and students, with instant visibility to assignments, scores, grades, comments and progress toward each standard.

Real-Time Student Data for Parents and Students:
PowerSchool parents and students have access to real-time information on grades, attendance, comments, assignments and scores directly from the teacher’s gradebook via the PowerSchool web portal and free PowerSchool mobile app. Parents may monitor their child’s proficiency on standards and register to receive immediate alerts specific to their child. In addition, schools can offer the parent and student web portal in 19 languages.