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ProgressBook Suite Add-On Products

Make the most of your ProgressBook experience with these additional add-on products:


The GradeBook module makes managing the classroom and monitoring student progress much easier for teachers and administrators. GradeBook can be administered centrally and is equipped with online lesson plans, online grade book, attendance tracking, report cards and much more. It also includes control of ProgressBook Parent Access which allows parents and students to see student progress and grades online.


The SpecialServices module simplifies special education documentation, progress tracking, educator collaborating and state compliance and reporting, allowing educators to spend less time on paperwork and more time in the classroom.


As part of the ProgressBook Suite, DataMap is offered as a student analytics tool that collects years of trending and historical assessment data to provide teachers with specific, actionable benchmarks to teach and emphasize to students. Not only does this data help students gain differentiated instruction, but it also helps to improve standardized test scores and much more.


VirtualClassroom is an online LMS built upon the ProgressBook application for seamless integration of lesson plans, assignments and grades. It gives teachers the ability to create standards-aligned content, collaborate with curriculum teams to co-author content, share content districtwide, as well as schedule, track and grade assignments.

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An integrated, web-based K-12 student information system built for Ohio districts to meet the needs of the entire school community.

DASL, Progress Book, SI, Student Information System, SIS, core

ProgressBook StudentInformation is an integrated, web-based K-12 student information system (SIS) built for Ohio districts to meet the needs of the entire school community. This SIS software has many modules for districts to manage their operations including:

  • Student enrollment and contact information
  • Medical records
  • Fees
  • Calendars
  • Discipline
  • Transcripts
  • Report cards
  • Attendance
  • Graduation eligibility
  • Proficiency assessments
  • State reporting
  • Course scheduling
  • Third-party application integration