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Savings Funded LED Program

The Savings Funded LED Program can be utilized by META purchasing members that don't want any up-front costs when upgrading to LED lighting. The awarded vendors were selected through the competitive bidding process by our Purchasing Advisory Group.

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About the META Purchasing Cooperative:
META Solutions' Purchasing Cooperative analyzes costs, negotiates with vendors, and makes recommendations for products and services that have been submitted for competitive bidding. Our number one goal is to save schools time and money, and we do so by effectively providing an online marketplace of quality goods and services at substantially lower prices.

In addition, META purchasing members are able to leverage the collective buying power of a consortium of schools serving more than 450,000 students across the state of Ohio. All members have equal standing for their purchases, regardless of size.

META’s Purchasing Cooperative has provided millions of dollars in cost savings, and has significantly increased work efficiency in our districts. We are a one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs, providing high quality products at special rates so that schools can focus on what matters most – educating students!

*To take advantage of this program, please contact an awarded vendor below.


Energy Optimizers

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META purchasing members receive reduced pricing and exceptional service through our Energy & Building Projects Program!

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With the continual increase in operational costs and decrease in budgets, it is more important than ever that energy projects are completed successfully and effectively. The purpose of the energy and building projects program is to ease phone calls, simplify the process, ensure maximum savings, and bring peace-of-mind to our purchasing members.

As part of the META Purchasing Cooperative, an RFQ was released to energy conservation companies. The selection process was conducted by voluntary school districts and one vendor was awarded. Purchasing members that have used the program have seen significant cost savings and successful project completion!

Become a META purchasing member today and receive these exclusive savings!

Dynamix Energy Services is the awarded vendor for the META Energy Program. Dynamix is a full service, vendor-neutral energy services company that focuses on implementing and installing creative, well-engineered solutions. Services include Energy Projects, Controls and Building Automation Systems, HVAC Repair/Replacement, LED Lighting, Demand & Capacity Management, and Technical Resources.

*To take advantage of this program, please contact the awarded vendor below.