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Wireless AP Management

Let META manage your wireless traffic so you don’t have to! META provides a fully supported Wireless AP Management solution that uses enterprise grade access points and features cloud control.

Our systematic approach for installation and support ensures that you receive the most effective wireless network possible! META first provides a free walk-through of your facilities to better understand the buildings' structure layout and the current network capabilities. We then provide an in-depth, hands-on training session on the cloud controller so you’ll be fully equipped to manage it after installation. Once your wireless access points are installed, the configuration from the cloud controller can be downloaded and you’ll be ready to go in just minutes!

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META’s hosted VoIP unified communications platform offers enterprise grade communications for your school or business.

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META’s hosted VoIP unified communication system is an enterprise grade Cisco™ VoIP system that brings the latest in IP telephony technologies and ease of management to your school or business. 

With a hosted Cisco™ unified communication system, you are free from the worries that plague a typical phone system. Using VoIP services, you can eliminate the majority of your current PRI/POTS line expenses. All of the servers required for your system will be housed at META’s data center, where they are maintained by trained professionals and monitored around the clock.

The Cisco™ VoIP product line includes basic handsets all the way through attendant consoles and Bluetooth enabled wireless video phones. Every phone also comes with Jabber™, an application that runs on all PCs and mobile devices. Jabber™ allows you to answer and/or place calls anywhere in the world. Features also include IM, Visual VoiceMail, Video and Webex.

In addition, META offers a hosted IP Clock/PA system that ties in with the VoIP system to bring you a fully unified communications platform. We can integrate with most SIP based devices, so the possibilities are endless. 

Schedule an on-site consultation or call 800-634-8828 for more information.

Let META manage all of your server needs… from hosting to backup, recovery and more!

META offers cloud server hosting that allows districts to store all materials in the cloud. This provides easy access to users no matter their location.

META builds, manages and licenses the appropriate Windows and Linux server, and provides off-site backup and recovery for all non-critical business data. META also provides co-location services that offer physical rack space in our datacenter.

META offers on-site technician services to meet your district’s needs!

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Our tier 1 service is designed to help with basic “break/fix” services for desktops, laptops and printers, and our tier 2 service meets the needs of networking and server requirements. Each tier can be customized to meet your needs. Districts can choose a schedule of 1-5 days per week, a blend of each tier and/or have multiple technicians on-site.

META is a service provider offering Category 1 and 2 services under the USAC E-rate Program’s guidelines.

e-rate, USAC guidelines, category 1 and category 2, data transmission, internet, access, voice services, internal connections, broadband service

META is a service provider under the guidelines of USAC’s E-rate Program. We offer Category 1 and Category 2 services as outlined in the program. These are broad in nature and include data transmission services and internet access, voice services, internal connections, internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections. META offers competitive rates based on USAC guidelines.