Posted on February 24, 2015

MEC and TRECA Merger Announcement

Marion and Columbus, OH - TRECA Educational Solutions and Metropolitan Educational Council are excited to announce the merger between the two ITCs forming META Solutions - Ohio’s largest and most comprehensive educational solutions provider. The governing boards of the two organizations approved the merger on Tuesday, February 24, celebrating the enhanced benefits the combined technology and purchasing solutions will bring to Ohio’s schools, libraries and other public entities.

The decision to merge the ITCs is the result of careful consideration and attention to maximizing savings for our membership through providing continuous service, broadening portfolio offerings and leveraging increased buying power. 

According to CEO Mike Carder (former TRECA CEO), "It became apparent very early on in the discovery process that both organizations stood on common ground when it comes to providing members with a menu of options that best meet their individual needs and budgets".

The greatest strength of this merger lies in that fact that both organizations have a highly diverse number of products and services that offer something many ITC customers have never experienced before - choice.

"I believe this merger will redefine the services and expectations of ITCs and support services. We will leverage the best practices of two high achieving organizations to increase choice, reduce cost, and enhance value to the organizations we serve," says James Grube, COO/President. METASolutions believes in an open marketplace where customer choice isn't limited by geography. In doing so, the organization reaffirms its commitment to Ohio schools to provide comprehensive, high-quality and cost-effective options so districts can focus on their most important assets - children. The new organization, with offices in Marion and Columbus, will serve over 550,000 students and more than 400 school districts, libraries and other public organizations with technology, operational, instructional and purchasing solutions.

For more information about META Solutions or additional benefits of the merger between TRECA and MEC, please contact Matt Shachter, Public Relations Senior Specialist at 740.389.4798 x340 or