Posted on January 04, 2016

A Larger META Solutions – MDECA, SEOVEC, SCOCA Join!

CENTRAL & SOUTHERN OHIO - META Solutions is excited to announce the addition of three new ITCs: MDECA (Metropolitan Dayton Educational Cooperative Association), SEOVEC (Southeastern Ohio Voluntary Education Cooperative), and SCOCA (South Central Ohio Computer Association). The governing boards of the four organizations approved the collective mergers shortly before the holidays. Their combined efforts serve to strengthen Ohio’s largest and most comprehensive educational solutions provider.

The decision to merge the ITCs is the result of careful consideration and attention to maximizing savings for member districts by providing continuous service, broadening portfolio offerings, and leveraging increased buying power. The leadership from all organizations is celebrating the enhanced benefits which the combined technology and purchasing solutions will bring to Ohio’s schools, libraries, and other entities.

According to CEO Mike Carder, “The TRECA and MEC mergers of 2015 brought unprecedented gains for all districts involved. This time through will be no different. These four organizations agree that joining under one umbrella will continue to offer our members the best possible menu of options to meet our customers’ needs!”

The successful potential of this merger lies in the fact that each organization brings unique strengths and diversified services to the table. A larger customer base and expanded geographical reach of physical offices will bring greater efficiency to overall operations. In turn, this will allow META to offer even more value to its constituents. In addition to added value, this move will further increase choice in offerings for districts and other customers.

“The SCOCA board was very thorough in deliberations regarding this decision, and we came to the conclusion that it made sense on so many levels– especially the availability of more services at a reduced cost.” says Steve Martin, Superintendent of Ross-Pike ESC. “I’m appreciative of the way that this merger was conducted. Many of us have been around long enough to know there is a right and wrong way to do something like this, and this was done the right way!” This echoes the sentiments of each board– all of which carefully considered the value of aligning to the META brand and values.

As always, META believes in an open marketplace where customer choice isn't limited by geography. In doing so, the organization reaffirms its commitment to Ohio schools to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective options so districts can focus on their most important assets: children. The newly-structured organization – with offices in Marion, Columbus, Dayton, Piketon, and Athens – will now serve over 750,000 students and more than 400 entities with technology, operational, instructional and purchasing solutions. This makes META the proud provider of IT services to nearly one third of Ohio’s schools!

For more information about META Solutions or additional benefits of the merger between these various organizations, please contact Joshua Ebert, Director of Marketing at 740.389.4798 x764 or