What is an Owner?

An Owner (full membership) is a city, county, exempted village, local, joint vocational, or cooperative education school district or education service center that receives both fiscal and EMIS services OR at least three of the five core services.

Owners receive special discounted rates on many services and products, including free access to the META Purchasing Cooperative!

How much does it cost?

As an Owner, you will receive an extensive list of included services and customizable support. After three years of ownership, your fees will drop by $4/ADM and you will receive governing rights.

Year 1-3: 

Year 4+:
$9.75/ADM + governing rights

(please call for ESC pricing)

Services included in Owner pricing:

Core Services Support

  • Fiscal support for state software
  • SIS support for any SIS package (PowerSchool, ProgressBook, StudentInformation, Infinite Campus)
  • EMIS support
  • INFOhio support
  • Access & Networking Support
  • Core Services Data Disaster Recovery
  • SPAM Filtering

Purchasing Cooperative Membership

Additional Services

  • Consulting services
  • Leadership searches
  • Grant management and writing
  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • META instructional services consultation
  • Professional development consultation

Which services are included?

META Owners receive an extensive list of services and customizable support. 

SIS Support
Each SIS offering (Evolve, ProgressBook, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus) is supported by an experienced META team that is highly trained in the software. Each team offers ongoing training and communication to ensure your staff members are making the most of your SIS!

EMIS Support
META provides training and support to make the experience of aggregating and reporting data to the Ohio Department of Education go as smoothly as possible.

Fiscal Support for State Software
META’s Fiscal Services Department consists of licensed Ohio treasurers and staff with extensive experience in providing fiscal software support for school districts. Our team will work closely with your treasurer and staff to assist with local and state supported software needs, including USAS, USPS and EIS.

INFOhio Support
As library services evolve, so must the tools used to support them. With ongoing training and support for the INFOhio body of resources, META helps districts equip their teachers and students with access to the latest research tools.

Access & Networking Support
META offers firewall support, basic content filtering and networking configuration.

Core Services Data Disaster Recovery
META guarantees disaster recovery for all core services data stored on our servers. This does not include disaster recovery for districts’ servers, but the service can be provided at an additional cost.

SPAM Filtering
META offers mail filtering services as an option for districts.

Membership to META's Purchasing Cooperative is included in your ownership. The Purchasing Cooperative analyzes costs, negotiates with vendors, and makes recommendations for products and services that have been submitted for competitive bidding. Our number one goal is to save schools time and money, and we do so by effectively providing an online marketplace of quality goods and services at substantially lower prices. 

Consulting Services
Have a need? Don’t know where to turn? META is staffed with experienced professionals in all areas of education and business. We will pull together a team and partner with your district to customize a solution that best meets your needs.

Leadership Searches
Identifying and vetting qualified candidates to serve as leaders in your district is often a time consuming process. META will assist you in recruiting, vetting, and interviewing qualified educational professionals.

Grant Management/Writing
Driven by our districts’ needs for greater value and efficiency, we provide a distinctive client service model that helps districts acquire and manage grants so they reach for continuous improvement and be innovative in their educational initiatives.

Cisco Networking Academy
META has a partnership with Cisco Networking Academy, and offers global support and instructor training for academies. META owners and members can sign up to be a Cisco Networking Academy free of cost, which includes basic curriculum support.

META Instructional Services Consultation
Interested in offering online learning options for your students? META’s educational solutions support district initiatives to improve and advance student learning through a variety of instructional offerings. We’ll work with you to create a custom online coursework package that increases your district’s presence and meets the needs of your students. Packages are available at varying costs.

Professional Development Consultation
META’s Professional Development experts work with your staff to design a customized, outcome-focused program that empowers your entire team from district leadership to beginning classroom teacher. META offers a free consultation to help tailor a program focused on your district's needs.