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We are excited to announce that effective July 1, 2017, membership to the META Solutions Purchasing Cooperative will be FREE for all K-12 educational entities! The META Board of Directors approved the free membership at the January 24, 2017 board meeting.

Additional information will be provided shortly.

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AEPA Legal Notice to Bidders

The AEPA notice to bidders has been posted.  Click here to view

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Food Bid Information

2017-2018 Food Service Pricing Awards

This year’s food bids are finally done and out!  Again this year the bid represents over 1,000,000 Ohio students and is now shared by 5 Ohio Co-ops:  META Solutions, Southwestern Ohio EPC, OMERESA, Stark County Co-Op and now Ohio Schools Council.

You may view the 2017-2018 Food Service documents via this link:

If you have not already done so, please bookmark this link! 

Within this link, you will find folders for Bakery, Dairy, Food- Commercial, Ice Cream, Paper/Plastics/Smallwares/Cleaning Supplies, and Produce- coming soon! 

Remember:  the 2017-2018 Pricing is not yet valid; it will become effective July 1, 2017.  We have made the pricing and information available to you ahead of time so you may begin working on next year’s menus prior to this school year ending. 

More information about each category:

 Food- Commercial – Your district may choose between Gordon Food Service, Ellenbee Leggett, Sysco Cincinnati, Rightway and Valley if they service you.  In the Food- Commercial folder you’ll find information in individual Awarded Vendors folders.  There is also a contact form so you can reach out to each distributor if you are interested in purchasing with them.  The bid document with pricing is entitled FOOD BID ALL AWARDED VENDORS.  This is the document that shows you what was bid along with bid pricing (by case and by unit price).  This document has a few new tools.  It’s searchable by category so you can look up Desserts if you want and find all the desserts on the bid.  It also has a blue column on the far right where you can input the number of cases you need and it will calculate the cost for your total cases.  In this way, it may be easier to see how much you’ll save by buying with one distributor vs. another.  We’ve awarded multiple new vendors so this year seems to be the year to try new things!  Anything in GREEN is a new item; we thought color coding it made it easier for you to find new items.  Want to recommend new items to add to the addendum bid?  Please see the form entitled Recommend New Bid Items!  It will give you a link to a form to fill out.  Finally, this folder also contains a bid evaluation documents folder and procurement forms folder.  These will be updated as you tell us what you need!  We anticipate you having access to any documents you need for your AR in one spot to make life easier! 

Paper/PlasticsYour district may choose between Gordon Food Service, Sysco Cincinnati, I-Supply, Ellenbee Leggett, and Rightway.  There is a contact form within this folder so please contact these vendors to see if they will service you.   


Small Wares & ChemicalsYour district may choose between Gordon Food Service, Rightway, Sysco Cincinnati, and I-Supply.  There is a contact form within this folder so please contact these vendors to see if they will service you.   


Bakery –  We are pleased to report this is an extension year for this bid and all bakeries extended without any price increases.  Awarded vendors include Aunt Millie’s, Klosterman, Schwebel’s or Nickles.     


Ice Cream Your district may choose between Hershey’s, Smith Foods, and Ice Cream Specialties.  We are pleased to report this also an extension year for this bid and all companies extended without any price increasesSmith Foods will only provide ice cream where they provide dairy. 


Dairy – Borden, Modern, Smith and United responded to the bid extension request without a price increase!  You may continue using the dairy you have now, again with NO price increase.


Produce The produce bid has gone out and was due back to the EPC by May 25th so you’ll have properly procured bid pricing on produce by July 1, 2017.  This information will be communicated via e-mail as soon as it is available. 

If you have any question as to which Bakery, Dairy or Ice Cream vendors service your district there is a handy “District Zone Chart” in the META DropBox link.  Just choose your district from the pull down list and you will see which vendors you have to choose from. 

If you need any assistance with this just let us know.  We are always happy to be of assistance!

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